Learn what one family has to say about lessons at the Statz Music Studio:  "The whole family was raving about you tonight".  One of the girls "came home from piano lessons and as soon as she hit the house, she told me, 'I wish we could go back to Mrs. Statz.  She was so good and made our piano lessons so much fun.'...she really misses your group lessons, your annual party, and the recitals.  She said they all gave her something to look forward to, which made piano more fun.  The last one (recitals) surprised me since she has been so nervous with these before, so I asked her why and she said because it gave her something to work toward.  She knew she really had to know her pieces for a recital."  This family has since signed up for Skype lessons from Texas and now West Virginia!

Learn what another family has to say about lessons at the Statz Music StudioWe consider ourselves very lucky to have found you. Over the past 6 years I have enjoyed watching and listening to my girls play piano and it brings me back to my days of playing. You are such a good teacher and you make playing fun for the girls. Even amidst all the business in the girls lives they always say they want to keep playing and I know you are a big part of that. So Thank You! from the bottom of our hearts for being such a great person and teacher and for doing so much for all the children that you teach!

A UWEC teacher shared a story to explain her appreciation for the little extra things Mrs. Statz does for her collegues: I had a job in a library once, and I worked with a student who'd just come from Taiwan.  Another co-worker did something nice for her, and she couldn't think how to say "I can't thank you enough," so she said, "I can't appreciate you enough."  He laughed and said that was very true.  I think it's true of you, too—however much we appreciate you, it's not enough!