Welcome to the Statz Music Studio  - where "Music Is What Feelings Sound Like".  

Music is the key to the soul.  Keep updated on the latest by accessing one of the many pages listed above!   

Current Openings for Fall 2021:  Wed 3:00; Thurs 3:45, (Friday 3:45 - starting Feb).  If home schooled, feel free to contact me for day times openings.

Students can opt for IN PERSON or VIRTUAL lessons.  I will be disinfecting as often as possible with a goal between each family.  Masks are optional for students. I'm happy to wear a mask and will leave it up to each family to let me know their preference.   There is a waiting room.  Students are asked to wash hands for 20 seconds and use a separate towel for each washing.  Hand Sanitizer is also available.  Virtual lessons are an option if a student shows any signs of sickness OR suspects they have been in contact with anyone with signs of sickness within 2 weeks prior to attending an in person lesson.

              Contact Sandra at:  715-379-0418 to set up an interview.

The Statz Music Studio is also found on facebook.  A number of student photos are found there as well.  The photos on this page are two families in which I have taught every child in the family...Now they are at the stage of getting married and raising their own families.  Families become such a dear part of my life and I'm honored when they believe in how much music has impacted all areas of their lives.  

Sandra is also a Nutrition and Fitness Coach.  To learn more check out her nutrition/fitness website.