1. Computer programs can be accessed either before or after lessons:
  2. www.emusictheory.com (free online from your home)
    https://www.musictheory.net/lessons/45 (great for advanced students wishing to learn more about Seventh chords)
    https://www.aaastateofplay.com/a-musical-playground-for-kids-music-theory-lessons/ (This was recommended by the Girl Scouts: It's a great overview of all things related to music education, including theory practice tools and games!)
    https://musescore.org/en (Free Composition website - write your own songs for free)
  3. Students are welcome to use the digital pianos (with earphones), an acoustic piano or harpsichord before or after lessons.  One digital piano is also used some during lessons from time to time.  One digital piano has a 3 1/2" floppy capability if students would like to record their songs or get some guidance on making a multi-track recording.  Students must provide their own 3 1/2" floppy if they wish to keep their recordings or we can save it and e-mail it as a MP3 format.  
  4. The Studio "in house" library has numerous items to enjoy as follows (these can not leave the studio):
  5. *"The Classical Composers" CD library is available for all students to enjoy at the studio.  A portable CD player or Computer are available to enjoy the CD music while browsing through a 24 page book about the composer.  
    *Music Dictionaries.  Here's ONE you can access online from home and was shared with me by a young lady named Anna:  https://www.theaterseatstore.com/blog/musical-glossary-kids
    * This resource was shared with me by a student named Kelsey:  https://www.playgroundequipment.com/a-playground-for-music-and-education-theory/
    *Music History books. 
    *Numerous Musical Wrap Ups
    *Musical Reading Books
    *Music Games
    *A Composer fandex is available with 50 composers bios.
    *A number of CDs can be listened to at the studio.
  6. A Check out Music Library - Students can check out music from here weekly.  They are asked to return the music at their next lesson.  If something is allowed to be checked out for more than a week then they should still bring the music to the lessons in case I need it for someone else.