National Federation of Music Clubs hosts a Federation Festival each spring.  This year the festival will be held on March 9, 2023.  The cost is $26 to enter.  Students play 2 songs by memory for a judge and receives comments.  Students earn points to receive a cup.  The cup takes, at a minimum, 3 years to earn.  Students receive a rating.  If they receive a "Superior" rating then they have the opportunity to enter in the State Federation Festival Competition later in the Spring (Date TBA) in Milwaukee.  There is a cost to enter the State competition. One song is chosen from a list of American Composers that Mrs. Statz has at the studio.  The other song just needs to be from a different composer in a different style.  While at the District event, students perform 2 pieces as listed above, at the state event, they only play their Required piece (by the American composer).  To learn more you may also visit the Federation website:

Website where music selections are hosted:


  1. This festival can provide a second opportunity for those entering in WMTA Auditions to be able to get some feed back on their songs before entering the WMTA Auditions in March.  
  2. This festival can provide an opportunity for students who wish to not participate in the WMTA auditions but still participate in a festival and get feedback on their performance of prepared music.
  3. Students do enter both WMTA Auditions as well as Federation Festival.  However, they may choose one or the other for a variety of reasons including available dates.
The Following students all earned the rating of SUPERIOR for the 2024 auditions at UWEC on March 9!!  Congratulations:
  1. Matthew B. - Mod Diff 2 - Seize the Day by Jennifer Eklund
  2. Mandy D. - E1 - Going for Baroque by Gina Sprunger
  3. Graham G. - P3 - Jungle Feber by Catherine Rollin
  4. Grace H. - E2 - Aboard the delta Queen by Chrissy Ricker
  5. Yiduo L. - Mod Diff 1 - Bongo Bongo by Joe Gargiulo